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Transaction Switches for Point of Sale, Lottery and Banking Systems

The transition of traditional transaction-based networks to IP presents a unique challenge in today’s networking environment. The high protocol overhead associated with IP based systems, coupled with multiple store-and-forward delays and the potential for dropped packets, typically results in significant performance degradation when a head to head comparison is made between established link technology and its proposed IP-based replacement.

[Pico2 Turbo]NSGDatacom products have been used extensively throughout the world in high-speed transaction oriented networks such as lottery, banking, and point of sale systems for many years using packet-based leased-line networks. Today, the newest products from NSG provide a unique combination of legacy protocol support plus advanced IP connectivity to make the transition from legacy systems to IP as trouble-free and cost-effective as possible. Our products utilize a combination of protocol conversion, protocol spoofing and other proprietary techniques to enhance performance over terrestrial, wireless and satellite networks, whether using IP backbones or other proven packet-based connections.

As a core provider to carriers world-wide for many years, NSGDatacom’s integrated network management, VPN security, transaction recording, and integrated diagnostic systems are an essential part of our systems solutions, and second to none.


The TURBO product line supports a wide range of protocols used by legacy lottery systems such as X.42 (including manufacturer specific variants), SNA, Bisynch, Frame Relay, X.25, TCP/IP and XOT (RFC 1613). Most importantly, the TURBO product line includes enhanced proprietary multi-drop and native spoofing modes of operation, which reduce network latency and speed-up transaction times over terrestrial, wireless and satellite networks.

The TURBO products facilitate the transportation of legacy WAN protocols over IP via Ethernet, PPP, X.25, or Frame Relay, using dial-up, leased line, Satellite, DSL, or Wireless networks, with the capability for any link to be designated as a primary or backup route.

Point of Sale and other Banking Systems

Many banking ATM and host connections are still based on legacy protocols such as X.25 and SNA. Migrating to a faster backbone technology only makes sense when the performance of the network does not degrade system performance overall. NSGDatacom’s multi-protocol switching products allow customers to preserve critical applications running on traditional protocols while also providing IP-based connectivity for primary or backup connectivity.

X.25 technology is still widely used world-wide for credit card authorization and other transaction oriented banking systems. X.25 has the unique advantage of providing link level error detection and correction, and its robust nature also makes it ideal for use where there are long transmission delays (such as satellite networks) or when line quality is poor. Today, there are very few companies that manufacture, sell and support advanced network solutions that use the X.25 protocol, and none with the pedigree and experience of NSGDatacom.

In addition to the TURBO line of products, the Netrix 2500 product is our Carrier class transaction switch, which supports high speed X.25 transactions and other packet-based protocol switching including Frame Relay, ATM and IP. Over seventy percent of the fifty million daily U.S. dial-up POS transactions, as well as similar numbers of international transactions, are routed through Netrix 2500 switches daily.

NSGDatacom has a heritage of over 20 years in the innovation, design, and manufacture of packet-based network products. With three highly respected product lines: Netrix, TURBO and Dynetcom (Dynapac), we provide IP compatible solutions that meet a wide range of port density and transmission speed requirements, including Carrier grade switches with X.75 gateway capability.

last updated: 2-June-15