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Netrix Corporation
Bandwidth Optimization Products

Nx2222 Bandwidth Optimization Router
Nx2201 Voice over IP Switch
Nx2205A Voice over IP Switch
Nx2205D Voice over IP Switch
Nx2205D VoIPZIP Voice Compression Gateway
Nx2205D VoIPPAK VoIP Packet Optimization Gateway
Nx2210 Voice over IP Switch
Nx2214 Voice over IP Switch
Nx2510 Data Switch
Nx2550 Data Switch
NxCAS Hardened Case
VoIP-Turbo Voice/Fax/Data Gateway
VoIP Packet Optimization Software For Linux
VoIPAK TURBO Gateway for IP
Wi-Med 3000 Remote Patient Monitoring using Cellular Wireless
Wi-Modem Cellular Wireless for Embedded Dial Modems

TURBO range
Legacy Voice and Data to IP and
Wireless Connectivity

TURBO Data Switches
PAC III Turbo Legacy Concentration Switch
7+ TURBO Multi-Protocol Concentrator and Switch
PicoTURBO Concentrator and Switch
PicoTURBO II Concentrator and Switch
PicoTURBO II Concentrator and Switch - Point of Sale
NSG Airturbo Wireless Communications System
TLX III TURBO Telex and Data Switch


X.25 Connectivity, Patch Panels
Previously Dynatech Communications

Packet Switching/Frame Relay
Patching and Switching
Coax Patching
Twinax Patching

Frederick Electronics
HF Modems and Controllers for Mobile and Military Applications

1045 ALE Controller
2045 ALE Controller
1102 HF Multi-Mode Modem
1280TA Tactical-Airborne HF Data Modem
1285 HF Smart FSK Modem
1400A HF PSK/FSK High Speed Modem
4000 HF PSK/FSK High Speed Modem
4539 High Speed HF Data Modem
D7222 Embedded HF Modem
D7239 Embedded ALE with Link Protection
D9851 Embedded ALE Controller

last updated: 5-November-20