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Archived Press Releases and Announcements

April 2, 2009 NSGDatacom and Pulse Communications form Reseller Partnership
January 21, 2008 NSGDatacom Introduces New Portable Office System For Mobile Voice, FAX And Data Services
January 4, 2008 NSGDatacom Announces Multiple Orders For Its HF Modems From The Military In Asia
October 30, 2007

AMPS Analog Cell Networks To Be Shut Down In February 2008 - NSGDatacom Offers FAX And Voice Solution For AMPS Users

October 18, 2007 NSGDatacom’s Normal-Through RJ45 Patch Panel Chosen By U.S. Military For Use In Deployable Systems
September 14, 2007 NSGDatacom featured in SatManagazine - "Overcoming Packet Per Second Throughput Limitations" pdf icon
August 30, 2006 NSGDatacom Announces the Expansion of its Dynapatch RJ45 Patch Panel Family to Support Gigabit Ethernet
August 8, 2006 NSGDatacom announces its Automatic Voice and Data Fail-over Product Solution
March 20, 2006 NSGDatacom Announces the New Dynapatch RJ45 ‘Normal-through’ Patching System
March 20, 2006 NSGDatacom Launches The Nx2205D Integrated VoIP And Data Access Gateway at TelecomNext in Las Vegas
February 22, 2006 NSGDatacom Announces The Launch Of The Model 4539 High Speed Data Modem
November 17, 2005 iDirect Certifies NSGDatacom as IP Alliance Partner
November 15, 2005 New CAT 5 Patch Panel and On-Line Shopping Cart
June 24, 2005 NSGDatacom Announces New Dynapatch® Cat5 Patch Panel pdf icon
June 20, 2005 NSGDatacom Announces Bill Grant Is Promoted to Vice President, Sales
May 27, 2005 NSGDatacom releases an article authored by Tokuo Oishi titled "VOIP AND SATELLITE SYSTEMS" pdf icon
March 25, 2005 NSGDatacom Announces William Grant Joins the Team as VP of Business Development
March 3, 2005 Satellite 2005
January 31, 2005 NSGDatacom Announces New RJ-45 A/B Switch Module pdf icon
October 4, 2004 NSGDatacom Participates in Trade Mission to Turkey pdf icon
May 4, 2004 NSGDatacom Announces That It Has In Place A Multi-million Dollar Line Of Credit With SunTrust Bank
March 30, 2004 NSGDatacom Announces New VoIP Product
March 24, 2004 NSGDatacom’s Netrix 2210 Voice/Data Gateway Plays Crucial Part in Launch of ESA Probe
November 11, 2003 USA Military Deploys NSGDatacom's 2200 Series Products
November 4, 2003 NSGDatacom Ownership/Management Announcement
October 7, 2002 Takachicho Koheki Co., Ltd of Japan deploys NSGDatacom's 2500 series products
August 14, 2002 Alex Dobson joins NSGDatacom as VP of ASC product sales
July 3, 2002 NSGDatacom acquires Advanced Switching Communications assets
March 12, 2002 NSGDatacom acquires NX Networks products and services
June 11, 2004 X.25 and Other Legacy Protocols Continue to Deliver Effective and Reliable Communications
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