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X.25 and Frame Relay Networking

NSGDatacom has a heritage of over 20 years in the innovation, design, and manufacture of X.25 and Frame Relay network products. With three highly respected product lines: Netrix, TURBO and Dynetcom (Dynapac), we provide solutions that meet a wide range of port density and transmission speed requirements. These multi-protocol switching devices allow customers to preserve critical applications running on traditional protocols while planning for and migrating to IP.Companies continue to trust the reliability of X.25 and Frame Relay protocols to create and expand their networks. As such, our products are installed and continue to be deployed in military, transaction and financial processing, airport, carrier, and enterprise mission critical applications.

Backbone Class Switches & Access Devices

The Netrix Nx2500 is a family of backbone class, high performance, and multi-service network switches. Completely fault tolerant, 2500’s are used in networks where down-time cannot be contemplated. With fully switched support for IP, ATM, FR, X.25 ISDN & TDM, all over the same bearers, Netrix Nx2500 based networks are providing the high reliability and low latency required by the world’s financial institutions, space agencies, government agencies and network operators for their transaction based applications.

For access to the network The Netrix Nx2210 goes beyond the traditional PAD to a multi-protocol switching IAD, with triple X, SNA, FRAD, frame relay, ISDN, TCP/IP, ATM. Voice is also supported providing for truly integrated voice and data networking.

Enterprise Class Switches & Access Devices
The TURBO range is based on packet/fast packet technology to switch, concentrate and transport data efficiently over Frame Relay or X.25 networks. TURBO products are available in hardware platforms ranging from the PicoTURBO with 3 ports, through the seven port 7+TURBO, to the PACIII TURBO that can have up to 72 ports. All platforms use the same operating software, providing seamless interoperability and supporting a wide range of network configurations. The TURBO’s layered software structure is designed for flexibility and diversification of product deployment. A single platform may be configured to support switching, multi-protocol concentration, PAD or FRAD functions. NSGDatacom’s feature rich TURBO product line provides cost-effective solutions to meet the dynamic demands of present and future WAN designs.
Switches & PADs
Dynetcom's CPX family of packet switching products includes switches, PADs and switching PADs. The product is available in a wide range of configuration to meet the requirements of most X.25 and Frame Relay applications.

last updated: 2-June-15