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Cell Site Line Optimization

Leveraging years of experience in building integrated communications solutions, our Nx2205D and Nx2222 products provide Cellular Service Providers the ability to cost-effectively add new broadband services including high-speed data and video. Our products offer an ideal solution to bandwidth optimization, minimizing bandwidth usage for both voice and data transport while maintaining high quality of service to existing users, and facilitating the gradual deployment of additional physical circuits to support the growth of new services.

[Nx2205D]The Nx2205D and Nx2222 are designed to operate effectively where there is a combination of TDM, ATM, and IP, or other soft protocols, operating into shared transport circuits. Both products reduce the unused bandwidth in backhaul circuits by combining the use of voice compression, data compression, dynamic timeslot re-allocation in TDM circuits, and voice/data packet optimization. The Nx2205D and Nx2222 both operate extremely effectively over terrestrial, wireless, or satellite links.

The Nx2205D and Nx2222 make an ideal solution for wireless backhaul applications such as cell tower aggregation, the provision of remote Internet access, or other similar services.

last updated: 25-jan-09