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Disaster Recovery

The Netrix Network Exchange (Nx) 2200 product family from NSGDatacom offers a cost effective way to monitor and automatically backup critical T1/E1 voice/data circuits that may be subject to outage due to intermittent or catastrophic failure. This helps operators maintain customer service levels, and minimize potential revenue losses during unplanned network outages. More importantly, it can eliminate critical delays in deploying emergency services after a break in communications caused by natural disaster or hostile activity.

[Nx2222 Image]The Nx2200 product family offers two methods of monitoring T1/E1 voice/data circuits, either active or non-obtrusive. In the event of failure, the Nx2200 automatically takes over a failed circuit and routes all or selected portions of the circuit over an alternate network connection. The alternate connection may be TDM or IP based, including wireless or satellite. Extensive network management facilities allow a controlled redeployment to the primary link when it is re-established.

In addition to re-routing emergency services, Nx2200 products can also provide Abis/Ater Cellular backhaul optimization for minimizing bandwidth usage. TDM timing and data clock can be recovered across IP or other packet based connections, even when long delays such as multiple satellite or wireless hops are present.

For PSTN links, our toll quality voice compression of up to 16:1 has been extensively deployed and field proven by the US Military, and facilitates the use of satellite links as primary or backup connections to standard telephone T1/E1 connections.

  • Automatically detects outage in the network and routes traffic over a backup link
  • Utilizes advanced digital signal processing (DSP) voice compression —only 128 Kbps to fully back up a T1, 192 Kbps to fully backup an E1
  • Drop and insert capability to groom or back up selected DSOs of T1/E1 circuits
  • Automatic TDM Clock regeneration at remote locations
  • VPN security

last updated: 2-June-15