Simple Installation


Easy to Use


Direct Replacement for Obsolete AMPS "Bag Phone"


Tolerates Severe Environments


Reliable Fax Delivery

On February 18th, 2008 the FCC will no longer require A and B class cellular carriers to support AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone System) services. Because AMPS uses valuable frequencies that can be used for digital services, carriers are eager to sunset the AMPS services as soon as possible after this date.

The deactivation of AMPS will leave more than 300,000 US analog "Bag Phone" subscribers without mobile voice and facsimile (fax) service. While digital cell networks easily accommodate voice calls, this is not true of fax. New digital cell services do not support traditional fax reliably, if at all.

Conventional fax calls are sensitive to delays and require a reliable level of delivery that IP networks cannot provide. Using NSGDatacom's patented technology these problems are overcome, and alternate, reliable fax transmission over digital services for mobile units can be provided.

Current users of the AMPS service include truckers, barge operators, the police and other first responders. In many cases the ability to support fax is an essential part of the communication, and is the primary reason why they have continued to use AMPS rather than move to newer digital services.

BagFax from NSGDatacom is a modern, direct replacement for the traditional AMPS "Bag Phone". It consists of a two-port device, which connects to one or two analog fax machines or traditional telephone handsets for voice and fax calls. BagFax connects to your current carrier's cellular digital data network. All North American cellular providers are supported.

BagFax is of rugged construction and will tolerate vehicle vibration, wide operating temperature range and dust. The unit has mounting ears for easy installation in the limited confines of a vehicle. It is very easy to use and able to receive and send fax as soon as it connects to the cell network. In addition to fax transport the BagFax supports transparent off-premises extensions for standard voice calls (OPX).

BagFax provides a solution for current AMPS fax applications. It is easy to deploy and requires no change to current operational procedures after the cutover to new digital services.


For futher details please contact Tom Kittle at +1 703 793 1285, or email BagFax@nsgdatacom.com

last updated: 28-sep-07